Citi Express Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Remittance App

Remittance app is a money transfer app wherein you can send money to others without trouble.

How do I top up money for my wallet?

You can top up money for your E-wallet by going towards your local money remittance centers or topping up directly from our partnered banks.

To whom can I send money to?

Virtually anyone that has a bank account. The remittance app makes it so that you, can deposit money to your bank account without any problems. You can also send money towards money remittance centers for easier pick up of your transaction partner.

Will we be able to have wallet-to-wallet transactions?

As of now, we do not yet support wallet-to-wallet transactions. However, We plan on having it sometime in the near future.

Is there a way for me to review if the transactions were approved?

Yes. We have a system that handles reading if certain transactions were approved.